Mosquito Lagoon Redfish


Captain Travis Tanner has been fishing in the Mosquito Lagoon since he was a kid.  He has competed in numerous tournaments successfully and chartered thousands of clients around the Mosquito Lagoon.  Travis knows the Mosquito better than the new charter boat captains that have recently flooded the area.  Travis has been featured on the Addictive Fishing tv show in the Mosquito Lagoon several times including very recently.  He is also a contributing Captain for the Florida Fishing Reports tv show for the area. Finding fish on your fishing charter in the Mosquito Lagoon will be no problem for Travis.  Combined with his local knowledge he also communicates with other top guides to ensure he always knows where the fish are.  Redfish ranging from an average of size of 5 lbs all the way up to 40lbs have been caught regularly with Captain Travis.  Sometimes schools of large 20lb plus Redfish can be found tailing and ready to eat if you are fortunate enough to experience this sight.  Typically Light tackle spinning or fly fishing are the two main types of methods Captain Travis uses to catch fish.  You can choose the style of fishing you would like to use in the mosquito.  Travis is an expert using artificial lures as he professionally competes on the IFA Redfish tour only allowing the use of artificial lures.  Bait is typically the most efficient way Travis fishes for Redfish and Trout in the Mosquito.  Kids and inexperienced anglers are sure to have a good time using bait as it makes hooking and landing the fish much easier.  Experiencing the legendary tailing Redfish of the Mosquito Lagoon will leave you wanting to come back for more.  The beautiful untouched shorelines and numerous species of wildlife truly make this a special place to fish.  If you are lucky enough to book a charter on a weekday you will have the best experience possible as the Mosquito can get pretty busy on the weekends.  Travis is a full time fishing guide and regularly chooses to fish the Mosquito Lagoon due to the productivity of the fishery.